Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just a Poem

The following poem meant something to someone today and asked me to blog it :

I love myself, the way I am
There's nothing I need to change.
I'll always be the perfect me,
There's nothing to rearrange.
I'm beautiful and capable
Of being the best me I can.
And I love myself - just the way I am.

Now I love you - the way you are,
There's nothing you need to do.
When I feel love inside myself,
It's easy to love you too.
Behind your fears, your rage and tears
I see your shining star.
And I love you - just the way you are.

I love the world - the way it is,
Cause I can clearly see
That all the things I judge are done
By people just like me.
So till the birth of peace of Earth
That only love can bring
I'll help it grow - by loving everything.

(Author Unknown)

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