Friday, August 22, 2008

Mountains of Hope

The sun rises over the mountains,
Dew sparkling like diamonds in the new sunlight.
As the world comes alive.
I stand in awe of the sunrise,
I have seen it a thousand times before.

But like seeing something for the first time,
This day is different.
Is it a new found awareness,
Or is it something old reawakening?

Am I still dreaming,
Or have I found myself again?
For hidden amoung the worries and trials, almost forgotten,
Was me.

I have been here all along,
Only buried beneath the heap.
Needless time wasted carrying a burden,
Afraid to trust.

No longer afraid as I watch the sun rise on a new day,
Beginning a new life is hard.
But I shall move forward,
Ere I stagnate in self pity and despair.

- By Walt Hardester -

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