Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Way to live

You have two hands
So take with one and with the other give
That’s the way life works out
And that’s the way to live.
What you get and what you give
Must balance up someday.
It’s give a little,
Take a little,
All along the way.

Life is what you make it,
bright or gloomy it can be
Your mental outlook
colors everything you do and see
Your world may wear a dingy air
Or have a rosy glow.
It all depends on what you think,
For thinking makes it so.

Do not look for easy paths,
But see your shoes are strong.
-So that when the track is stony
you can get along.
Don’t go shod for pleasant ways
But for the uphill climb-
Then you’ll be prepared for any road at any time.
- P Strong -

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