Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Beware of friends
who think only
of themselves in
time of danger.

. . . . . . Two travelers once set off on a long journey.
They had to travel through lonely country where there were many wild animals.
The dangers of such a journey made it safer for people toe travel together.
At First, all went well with the travelers.
Suddenly, in a very lonely place, they came face to face with a lion. Without saying a word, one of the men rushed to a tree and climbed tot safety.
The other traveler at once threw himself to the ground.
He had heard that a lion will never touch a dead body, and his only hope was to lie quite still.
The lion came closer.
The man held his breath.
The lion sniffed at his nose and ears but the man did not move.
Slowly the lion turned away.
The other traveler came down from the tree,
Looking very ashamed of himself.
“I saw the lion put his mouth to your ear,”
he said.
What did he tell you?’

‘He told me,”
said his friend,
‘to beware of friends
who think only of themselves
in time of danger.’

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