Monday, September 1, 2008


I see that Spring is coming
The buds are on the trees
The daffodils wave merrily
Blowing in the breeze

The nights are getting lighter
The clocks are soon to change
Parties in the garden
I can soon start to arrange

I must get the garden
Into something looking good
I’ll wait till the weather is warmer
Then I’ll just be in the mood

I’ll mow the lawn
And clip the hedges
I’ll plant some pretty flowers
And cut all the edges

I love to see the Springtime
The buds, the daffs, the sun
I see the children in the park
Running round and having fun

I like the Springtime showers
The wind blowing in my face
Lying in the park
Watching the clouds as they race

Sharing the new day with a lover
Seeing it through their eyes
Makes Spring a season of renewal
And pure unadulterated joys

That’s what I love about Spring
Everything growing and new
All the bright spring colours
Gives the earth a lovely hue!

Poem By: snowbelle

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